Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Icy News: Seagate Kills Off Green Hard Drives, Plans to Launch Barracuda Hybrid Hard Drive

"As part of today's announcement of 1TB hard drive platters shipping in the 3TB Barracuda XT, Seagate also released news that they'll cease production of their line of Green hard drives. Seagate also will be migrating the Barracuda XT line to a new Barracuda Hybrid line of hard drives, implementing the caching technology seen in their wildly popular notebook hybrid hard drive, the Momentus XT
Seagate says the move to drop the green drives comes in response to demand largely from OEM customers. OEMs and channel customers want to reduce overhead costs by having fewer products to qualify and manage inventory for. Seagate went on to say that end users want big capacities and big performance, reducing the need for low-power desktop drives. Production of Seagate's Barracuda Green will end in February. 
Moving the Barracuda XT to a hybrid hard drive solution is less of a surprise. Seagate's performance line of drives stands to benefit from the knowledge gained from shipping over a million Momentus XT hybrid drives. Seagate did not release any details around the desktop hybrid solution, however in a prior news release, they indicated the Momentus XT 2 would be released this year. It stands to reason that a Barracuda XT Hybrid could also see release before the end of this year." - via Storage Review
Seagate discontinuing their Green hard drive line seems to be a good move, as they go towards the hybrid technology seen with the Momentus XT hybrid drive. Yesterday, we talked about caching technology being what is next for the storage industry and Seagate is one example that is moving towards this trend. What you you think about this? What would be the benefits and disadvantages for moving towards caching technology? Let us know!

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