Friday, March 07, 2008

Share your ICY DOCK experience and get a free ORIGAMI Hard Drive Storage

Have an Icy Dock enclosure and absolutely love it? Then tell the whole world about it! Icy Dock is happy to give the opportunity to our customers to spread your Icy Dock experience and get rewarded for it.

Share your experience with any of our enclosures with others on any computer related online discussion forum and we will send you an Origami Hard drive Storage box. Simply send us a link proving this fact to us and we will send you your gift. So what are you waiting for? Get our there and spread the good word. Icy Dock.

RULE:Entries must be emailed to

Entries must include:
1. Your first and last name.

2. Your age.3. Your mailing address.
4. The web link of the article.

ORIGAMI Hard Drive Storage (limited quantity available and is on first-come, first-served basis). Click
HERE to view the detail product info.