Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pro or Con to have Build-in Power Adapter into Single/Four bay External Enclosure?

ICY DOCK is researching and thinking to have a Build-in Power Adapter into the External single-bay or four-bay Enclosure. Of course by having Power supply build-into the External single bay or four bay enclosure will make it much more heavier, but you will NOT need to carry the power adapter.

For the opposite argument, some people would prefer to have Power supply NOT build-in, by doing so it will make the external enclosure much lighter in weight and not as travel friendly.

What do you think about having a build-in Power adapter onto ICY DOCK External single bay/four bay Enclosures?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Black or Sliver/White color of MB559?

ICY DOCK is ready to launch Black color series of MB559 at end of this year, in the retail store in early 2007. Do you think the user would prefer Sliver/White or Black color of MB559? Would General consumer pay a little extra for Black color of MB559?