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Icy Dock FlexCage MB975SP-B 5x3.5" in 3x5.25" HDD Cage Review
ack in the 1980s, there was this TV show called “That’s Incredible” where they would showcase people with extraordinary abilities including a then 5-year old Tiger Woods and a farmer in China who had two heads. What stayed with me the most however was a skit involving a Volkswagen Beetle and 20 clowns. It was not the logistical impossibility of the situation which disturbed me so much as the idea that 20 people would unanimously think it is a good idea to do pile on top of each other, cramped in a small space so they could be on TV.

Thankfully, hard drives have no such qualms either and could be stacked in a cramped space and would still function. Unfortunately, temperatures affect drives and crowding them together will hamper performance and shorten the drives lifespan. This is the kind of problem that storage solutions provider Icy Dock is used to tackling, especially with their FlexCage tray-less series HDD backplane modules, the latest of which is the MB975SP-B..........Read More

FlexCage MB975SP-B Product Page:

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ICY TIP: How to Choose the Right 2.5" to 3.5" SSD / Hard Drive Converter?

How to Choose the Right 2.5" to 3.5" SSD / Hard Drive Converter?

While the price of the SSDs are getting cheaper, the performance are actually getting better. The SSD has become one of the most popular type of drive for the consumer, as well as the enterprise user. Because of that, we’ve seen various SSD converters with different price tag and look available on the market. No matter what they called, they are made for one reason – to make a 2.5” SSD/HDD fit into a 3.5” drive bay, which allows you to upgrade your system drive to an SSD without spending too much, compared to an entire system upgrade.

As the original creator of the SSD converter, we want to make sure our customers know how to select a high-quality converter for their application.

SSD Bracket or Converter?

Many people don’t know the difference between SSD bracket and converter. The SSD Bracket is a simple rack that allows the user to mount one or two 2.5” SSDs onto a 3.5” drive bay. But when you compare this to an SSD converter, the SSD bracket provides less protection to the SSD, and is not compatible with systems that use a SATA backplane. This is because a SSD bracket does not properly line up the SATA connectors with the host (e.g. Servers, HDD Enclosures, NAS Enclosures, DVR device, Mac Pro, iMac). If you are a PC user who’s looking to upgrade the internal 3.5” hard drive to 2.5” SSD within the 3.5” drive bay, then a SSD bracket may fit your need and it would save you a few bucks in the process. On the other hand, Mac users would have to opt for a SSD converter as brackets will not allow your SSD to be properly installed to the drive bay. Moreover, if you plan to move the SSD to other system or device in the future, you might still consider the converter for maximum compatibility.

Recommended ICY DOCK SSD Brackets:

How do I choose the right SSD converter?


– The converters are made to be compatible with 3.5” bay, slot or tray. You need to make sure the converter has everything that 3.5” HDD has, in the exact same way. This includes the side and bottom screw holes, the dimension of the converter, and placement of the SATA connector. Don’t skimp on the details - you want to make sure the screw holes threading are used with copper cylinder so it won’t wear off after few times of the installation. Check the circuit board and make sure the SATA connection is pin to pin with no missing solders. This ensures your converter will deliver full speed and signal from the SSD to the host.


Installation & Security
– A simple installation will reduce the overall installation and maintenance time when a drive has failed. To the enterprise market, it means reduced cost to infrastructure. Most of the SSD converters on the market are designed with front install, which allows you to insert / remove the SSD from the front. The problem with the front install design is that it gets blocked easily once installed. It could get blocked by case panel, wires or HDD tray panel as well. This would force you to remove the entire converter and then remove the SSD. Also, the SSD could break through the front cover of the converter and get damage during the shipment. The ICY DOCK EZConvert SSD converter uses an US patented tool-less design that allows you remove the SSD from the top. The design also provides maximum security to the SSD with an anti-vibration kit to support the SSD internally.


Reliability & Warranty
– As a SSD is a high performance device, you want to make sure the converter won’t slow down the SSD speed, and keep your SSD up and running for long time. The ICY DOCK EZConvert SSD converter is the first SSD converter on the market. It’s been used by Tier 1 companies such as Google & Intel and improved to keep up with the ever changing SSD market. It has complete test data with SATA 6G/s SSD and covers with 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

So which EZConvert SSD converter I should choose?

For Consumers who with the SATA SSD
‧ Support SATA 6Gb/s SSD (7-9.5mm thickness*)
‧ Tool-less design
‧ Universal mounting holes
‧ Built-in anti-vibration kit
‧ Airflow vents
‧ 3 year warranty

* 7mm thickness drive requires manual installation. The tool-less design only works on SSDs with 9.5mm thickness.

For Enterprise / Professionals with the SATA SSD
‧ Support SATA 6Gb/s SSD (7-15mm thickness)
‧ Full metal design for intense environments
‧ USA Patented Tool-less design
‧ Universal mounting holes
‧ Built-in anti-vibration kit
‧ Airflow vents
‧ 3 year warranty
‧ Support SATA 6Gb/s SSD (7-15mm thickness)
‧ Full metal design for intense environments
‧ USA Patented Tool-less design
‧ Universal mounting holes
‧ Built-in anti-vibration kit
‧ Airflow vents
‧ 3 year warranty

For DATA Center / Server Application (SAN, iSCSI) with SAS SSD/HDD
‧ Support SAS 2.0 or SATA 6Gb/s SSD / HDD (7-15mm thickness)
‧ Full metal design for intense environments
‧ Direct SAS connection support up to 12Gb/s
‧ USA Patented Tool-less design
‧ Built-in anti-vibration kit
‧ Universal mounting holes
‧ Airflow vents
‧ 3 year warranty

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ICY DOCK Facebook Giveaway (5/16/2013 to 6/15/2013)

ICY DOCK Facebook Giveaway - may 2013
ICY DOCK Facebook Giveaway - 5/16/2013 ~ 6/15/2013
We want to give back to our loyal Fans and invite you to another awesome giveaway for USA & Canada! Not just one, but TWO different giveaways for twice the chance to win! You have a chance to win an ICYRaid MB662U3-2S or FlexCage MB974SP-B!

Event Period: 5/16~6/15


Write “Icy Dock May 2013 Contest” on a note card or paper. Take a picture of your system build and include the note card.


Post the picture to your Facebook wall. Make sure to mention us (@ICY DOCK USA) in the caption AND tag us in the picture. (We’ll share the entries for everyone to check out!) List the components used in your system.


The person with the most “likes” of their post will be the giveaway winner.

Tips to Help Win:

Tell all your friends and colleagues to like your posted photo to help you out
Ask them to share your post to have their friends help too!
Let your friends know to also enter into our second giveaway as a thank you simply by liking our Facebook page and filling out a 3 step form!
“Like” our Facebook fan page.


Go here ( and fill out the application to enter (must be like ICYDOCKUSA to enter).


That’s it!
Terms and Conditions: Event begins 5/16/13~6/15/13. Each contest entries are limited to one (1) per customer and are open to USA & Canada. Posting on online forums or Facebook must follow the rules & guidelines as listed. All entries must submit their entries by 6/15/13 midnight EST with all of the required information noted above or will be disqualified. Winner will be announced within one (1) week after the event and must contact & submit valid shipping information within 7 days of winner announcement.

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MB975SP-B FlexCage review - posted by

Icy Dock FlexCage MB975SP-B Tray-Less 5 x 3.5" HDD Dock Review

Last month we tested the Icy Dock FlexCage MB973SP-2B, a three HDD into two 5.25" drive bay adapter that includes dual USB 3.0 connectivity. Today we're back with another FlexCage product from Icy Dock. The MB975SP-B stuffs five 3.5" HDD's into just three 5.25" optical disk bays.

With optical media on the way out and digital media on the rise, the FlexCage products allow for an easy transition from unreliable, fragile and slow technology to the golden standard, mechanical disk storage.

Let's take a look..........Read More

FlexCage MB975SP-B Product Page:

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Introducing the ICY DOCK ICYRaid MB662U3-2S 2 Bay USB 3.0 External 3.5" SATA HDD RAID Enclosure

Hard drive failure is the reality to prepare for. In the long run, you will have to face the certainty that all hard drives fail no matter how cautious you have been. Imagine what would happen if the drive fails and you lost all of your family photos, critical office data, and your work portfolio? To prevent the data loss from a hard drive failure, our response is the ICYRaid enclosure to make the user experience of creating a physical backup (RAID array) a very pleasant one. The ICYRaid series MB662U3-2S packs the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, tray-less drive installation design, easy to setup process, and an advanced cooling system - all these great features in a small, yet elegant enclosure that can be taken where you go as a professional media storage device.
User Friendly Design

The ICYRaid is a self contained hardware dual bay RAID enclosure that operates independent of your computer. Along with an easy to use control panel, setting up the device is a simple thing to do. By using the rear control panel, the MB662U3-2S can be used to create various RAID arrays such as: RAID 1(SAFE), RAID 0 (FAST), BIG, and JBOD for different use cases.
2 drives work independently
2 drives combined to a maximum drive space
2 drives combined, striping the files for maximum speed & capacity
Automatic back up for maximum data security

Installing and maintaining the MB662U3-2S requires no extra tools, as everything you will need is included. The ICYRaid uses our convenient tray-less design to simply make any install a seamless transition to getting your configuration started. Once you have your hard drives ready, simply open each door, slide in your hard drives, and select the RAID setting you like. After that, turning on the device will automatically start the RAID process on its own. If a failure of a drive occurs, easy to read front LED indicators will indicate when a drive is ejected, accessed, or has failed. The ICYRaid MB662U3-2S adds two convenient features, LED and power control. The front LED indicators can be disabled when needed. This is perfect for people who set the enclosure in their bedroom and prefer turn the LED off at night. The second feature is the power saving mode that follows your systems behavior. When your system is powered off or put to sleep, the ICYRaid will activate its sleep mode to conserve power. Both these functions can be changed via dip switches on the rear panel.
SuperSpeed Performance

Taking advantage of the new ultra quick USB 3.0 interface, users will be able to transfer at high speeds at a maximum of 5 Gbps. The USB 3.0 interface is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0, so using the MB662U3-2S on your legacy PC or Mac is not a problem. If the system supports USB 3.0, you will be able to take advantage of the superior performance capabilities – which is crucial for professionals who want tools that perform their jobs quickly and efficiently.
Supreme Build Quality for Maximum Reliability

It is known that the most common causes of disk failure are poor heat management and mechanical agitation. Taking this into consideration, the build of the MB662U3-2S uses solid aluminum body construction, adding heat dissipation, strength, and protection of your hard drives. The ICYRaid MB662U3-2S in addition reduces external vibrations from reaching the sensitive hard disks by enclosing the drive within a vibration reducing cage, minimizing the possibility of disk damage.
Effective Cooling

Protecting your data also requires that it is constantly maintained to perform at its best. Because hard drives are susceptible to heat failure, it is important to have an active cooling solution. Using the ultra-quiet Sunon MagLev 40mm fan with variable fan speed control ensures optimal heat dissipation or quiet operation for a range of applications such as a recording studio or production room.
Key Features
* Supports 2 x 3.5” SATA I / II / III hard drives for maximum storage.
* Supports 4TB in each slot for all 4 RAID modes for up to 8TB of storage.
* Front LED indicator light to monitor disk function in RAID.
* Designed for media users in any professional field.
* Power saver mode that follows your systems behavior to conserve power.
* The front LED can be disabled when needed.
* Plug & Play SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface (Up to 5Gbps).
* Built-in hardware RAID controller allows four different RAID configurations:
* No additional software and hardware required to use.
* High performance 40 mm Sunon MAGLev cooling fan with adjustable speed control
  for ultra-quiet operation.

* Tool-Less design for easy hard drive upgrade or replacement.
* Solid aluminum body construction for portability, heat dissipation and extra protection.
* Built in security slot for security cable kit.
* Compatible with Mac OS X Time Machine.
* Designed for both Mac and PC systems.
* Limited 3 year warranty to complement the typical warranty of a hard drive.

Quick links:

MB662U3-2S Product Page

MB662U3-2S Product images
MB662U3-2S Datasheet


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Fax: 626.956.8811
1307 John Reed Ct.
City of Industry, California 91745
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MB662U3-2S ICRaid review - posted by

Icy Dock MB662U3-2S USB 3.0 Review

Icy Dock is a company with over 10 years experience in design, manufacture and distribution of storage products and are one of the leading peripheral enclosure solution providers. Their product line-up is extensive with products ranging from hard drive racks, to enclosures and docking stations; suitable for both consumers and businesses they have a huge product line-up to suit your needs.

Today we are taking a look at MB662U3-2S 3.5” SATA Dual Bay RAID HDD Enclosure which is part of their ‘ICYRaid’ line of products. It is a two bay enclosure with a white and silver design on the body of the unit and is made mainly from aluminium but does have plastic elements to its construction. The unit has a USB 3.0 data interface to communicate with your computer/device..........Read More

ICYRaid MB662U3-2S Product Page: