Monday, July 19, 2010

Icy Tip: Easily Install Dual 2.5" SSD or HDD Into Your Antec 1200, Cooler Master HAF 932, and ThermalTake ArmorPlus ATX System Case With the Icy Dock MB990SP-B

With today's current technology, you can build a PC from scratch that is fully customized to your specific needs. As a passionate gamer, you know that building a superior PC is not too difficult. You've already picked out your Asus P6X58D Premium Desktop board and Antec Twelve Hundred computer now it's time to decide on a type of data storage! If you're a serious gamer, you'll know that a solid state drive (SSD), such as the Crucial RealSSD, would be the most optimal choice considering its impressive read and write speeds. However, the only problem with a SSD is that they are usually confined to the 2.5" form factor size. You hate dealing with the inconvenient brackets and mounts so what do you do?

The ICY DOCK MB990SP-B dual bay drive bracket allows you to mix and match two, yes we said two, standard 2.5" size SSD, IDE or SATA drives in an internal 3.5" drive bay. This EZ fit dual 2.5" to 3.5" HDD bracket features a state of the art "screw less" design that will save you time and frustration during installation. Rather than dealing with six to eight screws and multiple mounts for each drive, the MB990SP-B allows you to install up to two drives within seconds!

The MB990SP-B is also constructed using lightweight plastic and utilizes an open air design allowing maximum air flow for superior drive cooling. Since most computer cases are not set up to use 2.5" form factor, the MB990SP-B allows you to make a huge upgrade to your system with very little effort and at a very affordable price! 

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Recommended Computer Cases:
Antec Twelve Hundred  (Confirmed compatibility) 
COOLER MASTER HAF 932 (Confirmed compatibility) 
Thermaltake ArmorPlus (Armor+) VH6000BWS (Confirmed compatibility) 

Recommended SSD:
Intel X25-M
OCZ Vertex Turbo
Super Talent Ultra Drive ME
Crucial M225 & Crucial RealSSD
Kingston SSDNow 

Needs compatibility check: 
XCLIO Windtunnel Fully Black Finish 1.0 mm SECC Chassis
AZZA Solano 1000 Black
Corsair Obsidian Series 800D CC800DW

Friday, July 02, 2010

New Product Announcement - MB668U3-1SB 2.5" SATA Mobile Enclosure with USB 3.0

Icy Dock is proud to announce a game changing product in its line-up: the MB668U3-1SB USB 3.0 Mobile Enclosure. This device handles most standard 2.5" SATA HDD and SSD and allows the user to connect it to their system using SuperSpeed USB3.0 for transfer rates up to 5 Gb/s! For systems which have not yet upgraded to USB 3.0, the MB668U3-1SB is backwards compatible to use with any USB 2.0 port on Mac or PC systems.

The MB668U3-1SB is predicated off the popular MB668US-1SB and MB668U-1SB, featuring an ultra light weight aluminum construction that draws away the heat, and a hassle-free installation method; no tools or screws are required to insert a drive into the unit. On the front of the device is a cool blue LED to notify the user of the drive's status, and is seen through ventilation slots that maximize airflow across the drive.

Finally, on the rear of the device, a micro-USB 3.0 port and a DC in connection to use the USB-to-DC cable which is included with the device. This is to use with some larger capacity drives which may require additional power.

Product Features:
* Fits any standard 2.5" SATA HDD or SSD (Standard 9.5mm Thickness) 

* SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connection for 5 Gb/s transfer rates
* Maximum transfer rate up to 480 Mbps via USB 2.0
* Backwards compatible USB 2.0 or 1.1 for universal connectivity on Mac and PC
* Plug & Play without rebooting the computer
* User friendly Screw-less design just plug in the hard drive and play
* Stylish aluminum construction provides protetion, mobility, and optimal cooling
* Built-in blue LED. Less bright, less visible, less annoying
* Leather pouch included to keep your drive clean and scratch-free
* Included "DC to USB A Type" power cable for high performance HDD usage.

MB668U3-1SB Product Page
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