Monday, October 31, 2011

Icy News: Improve Write Performance With SSD

"In our last entry, we covered some of the differences between automated tiering and caching. An area that deserves specific examination is how each of these technologies deals with inbound writes. Writes are one of the most resource-consuming things that a storage system has to do, and how these technologies help you--or not--with write I/O is important in product selection..." - via Informationweek

This article talks about the future of SSD writing and is compared to spindle hard drives. What can be altered would be the tiering technologies that are automated now. By doing this, one could increase the write performance of a hard drive by creating a cache system that would be to send all the writes to the SSD tier first. If it does not get used, move it to the mechanical hard drive. This sounds similar to what Intel has achieved with their RST (Rapid Storage Technology), of course, more on a limited basis as the maximum that can be cached is 64GB. This article explains with some information on how and why this is the next step. If this does catch on, will you purchase some sort of system such as RST or perhaps something that is more all-in-one solution? Let us know what you think!

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