Thursday, October 27, 2011

Icy News: LSI to Buy SandForce

"LSI Corporation (NYSE:LSI) has announced an agreement to purchase SandForce. Under the agreement LSI will pay roughly $322 million in cash and assume $48 million of unvested stock options and restricted shares held by SandForce employees. The acquisition obviously gives LSI an immediate competitive boost, especially with their WarpDrive PCIe SSDs (WarpDrive 2 Preview), which leverage SandForce processors... Moreover, because OCZ and SandForce previously contemplated this scenario, we expect that this combination will have no material impact to our existing product lines or business," concluded Mr. Petersen." - via StorageReview
Now, this is pretty interesting. We wonder now how LSI will take advantage of this purchase to produce a native advantage since they will own the company. They mention that the importance of a planned no change in material use. We will see how that plays out once everything has settled. Do you think this is a good move by LSI? Should OCZ or perhaps a different company have tried to purchase the company? Let us know what you think!

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