Thursday, October 13, 2011

Icy News: Thunderbolt vs. SuperSpeed USB 3.0

"Intel will tell you its new high-speed interconnect technology,Thunderbolt, is not in competition with Universal Serial Bus (USB), the ubiquitous standard for connecting computers with other devices.
Apple has gone all in with Thunderbolt-enabled products, and there are a dozen or so manufacturers ready to ship Thunderbolt-enabled systems next year, according to an Intel spokesman. At the Intel Developer Forum in September, a dozen new products were displayed with Thunderbolt ports.
"You can look forward to seeing Windows-based systems with Thunderbolt in market in the first half of 2012," said Intel spokesman Dave Salvator. Microsofthas also already demonstrated Windows 8 support for Thunderbolt.
Thunderbolt, announced earlier this year, offers twice the performance of the latest SuperSpeed USB (3.0) interconnect. So there is reason to believe it could someday overtake USB, the most ubiquitous external I/O technology ever created." - via Computerworld
This is a very interesting article as both protocols are new and very fast. Of course Thunderbolt has the advantage of different types of connections sharing the one cable. However, this cost is shown as the cabling cost is much greater than USB3.0. Disregarding these two mentioned items, it seems that Thunderbolt scales pretty nicely for the most part (double speed, double Wattage support). In the coming months, will you purchase a Thunderbolt enabled product? Let us know!

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