Monday, October 10, 2011

Icy News: Corsair Adds 480GB Force GT, 180GB and 480GB Force 3 SSDs

"Corsair in now shipping high capacity SSDs in both their Force 3 and Force GT (Force GT Review) lines, along with a new 180GB capacity in the Force 3 line. The new 180GB is designed to give those looking for a little more than 120GB a gentle step up, the 480GB capacities are the top capacity available for a single processor SandForce SSD. 

Both families of drives leverage a SandForce SF-2280 processor and SATA 6 Gb/s interface. The Force 3 uses asynchronous NAND to deliver 550 MB/s reads and 520 MB/s writes. The Force GT has synchronous NAND to deliver 555 MB/s reads and 525 MB/s writes. 
Corsair includes a mounting bracket so that you can also use these in a standard desktop PC 3.5” drive bays.
Pricing and Availability
All three SSDs are shipping now, the Corsair Force 3 180GB carries an MSRP of $249, the 480GB $799. The Force GT 480GB has an MSRP of $999." - via Storage Review

The HC (high capacity) SSD are starting to get bigger as of 2011. The question is still the status quo, "Should I pay more a bigger SSD or go with a spindle or even a lower capacity SSD?" What do you guys think? Let us know!

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