Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Icy News: HDD Prices More Than Double in Two Weeks in India

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Hard disk prices more than double in two weeks due to flood in Thailand
A 1TB HDD that used to cost less than Rs3000 before Diwali is now selling for Rs5700 and more. Consumers, especially those who want to buy or upgrade computer and laptop in India have been shocked to discover that floods in Thailand have caused HDD prices to skyrocket. Disks that were ranging from Rs1,200 to Rs3,000 for 250GB to 1TB have almost doubled to Rs3,000 to Rs6,000 within past 10 to 15 days." - via Storage Newsletter

We had talked about this earlier last month about the flood in Thailand, and now, we see the result of what has occurred. What you all think about this? As hard drives pricing more than double, it will be difficult to sell for the upcoming black friday and following holiday season. Will you purchase more hard drives even at this price? Let us know.

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