Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Icy News: With New Momentus XT 750GB, Seagate Continues to Believe in Hybrid HDD

"Seagate Technology LLC is shipping the second generation ofMomentus XT, its solid state hybrid drive for consumer and commercial laptops and the company's fastest drive ever for PCs.


With a drive upgrade, users can boost boot-up speed and overall performance to turbo-charge their laptop PC. Seven OEMs are gearing up to ship laptops powered by the Momentus XT drive. The drive is now available at online retailers Amazon, Canada Computers, CDW, Memory Express, NCIX, Newegg, and TigerDirect.

Powering the Momentus XT drive are Seagate's Adaptive Memory and FAST Factor technologies. Adaptive Memory technology works by identifying data usage patterns, and then moving the most frequently retrieved information to solid state memory for faster access. Adaptive Memory effectively tailors hard drive performance to each user and the applications they use. FAST Factor technology blends the strengths of SSDs and HDDs for faster access to applications, quicker bootup and higher overall system speed.

"Laptop users want faster access to all of their content, from gaming, music and video to spreadsheets and documents, creating strong demand for the highest performance," said Scott Horn, vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Seagate. "Seagate is excited to answer this need with a second-generation Momentus XT drive that delivers SSD speed, greater storage capacity and easy installation at an affordable price."

"High-speed storage devices make a difference when it comes to improving overall PC performance," said John Rydning, research vice president at IDC. "Seagate's newest Momentus XT drive gives notebook PC users an economical option for boosting PC performance while at the same time providing spacious storage capacity all in one device."
 (Source: Seagate)

Momentus XT For speed
The Momentus XT drive is nearly 70 percent faster than the prior Momentus drive version and up to three times faster than a traditional HDD while providing 750GB of storage capacity. The Momentus XT hard drive's SATA 6Gb/s interface and 8GB of SLC NAND flash double the interface and NAND read-write speed of the previous generation. The design of Momentus XT drive makes installation and upgrading simple and easy for any laptop or desktop computer and with any OS.

The Momentus XT drive is now shipping in volume worldwide.MSRP for Momentus XT 750GB is $245.

Tuning Momentus XT for Performance
The hard drive industry is transitioning from the current 512-byte sector standard to a newer Advanced Format 4K (4,096-byte) sector size that helps maintain data integrity at higher storage densities and capacities. Momentus XT takes advantage of this newer Advanced Format 4K standard and is already tuned for optimal performance on the latest PC OS.

Momentus XT customers can optimize Momentus XT to work with Windows XP and older versions of Microsoft Windows with simple steps." - via storagenewsletter.com

Hybrid drives have been a popular alternative to the speedy SSD, with Seagate being one of the best manufacturer of hybrid drives. Seagates newer version of their Momentus drive is 70 percent faster then the previous version and 3 times faster than traditional HDDs. This is a great improvement from their previous model. Even with faster speeds and greater capacity do you think consumers will go with the hybrid route as opposed to SSDs? Let us know what you think about hybrid drives and if you would rather go with hybrid drives or SSDs. 

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