Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Icy News:Acronis True Image Home 2012

"Acronis Inc. is launching Acronis True Image Home 2012, the latest version of its consumer software.

Acronis combines online backup, local backup and file synchronization in one product, not only protecting home PCs but also giving home users access to their digital lives, wherever they are, whenever they want. 

Acronis True Image Home 2012 brings together Acronis' disk imaging backup and recovery technology with file synchronization. The software allows home users to sync their files no matter where they are stored - PC, USBs, NAS, as well as in the cloud via Acronis True Image Online. If a change is made in one location, it is automatically updated in others, meaning home users can access their most up-to-date data anywhere, any time. Consumers can also share data securely with their family and friends.

Until now, file synchronization technology has been found in dedicated file sync products but not in disk imaging backup products, which is used to capture an entire PC, including the operating system, applications and files for fast and reliable recovery. Acronis True Image Home 2012 offers all these technologies in one easy-to-use solution.

The file sync is as simple as setting up a folder (akin to My Documents) and placing data in that folder. The information is automatically transferred and available between the different locations that the user wants to access. Home users can also choose to sync their data securely with family and friends with Acronis True Image Home 2012 installed on their PCs and laptops. Synchronization is easy via a home network or over the internet.

"Since 2002, we've been trusted by home users worldwide to protect their most valuable information. We've built a strong user base that provides us with excellent feedback to further enhance our products," explains Jason Donahue, CEO of Acronis. "With the new version, we've thought beyond traditional backup features, to really give people an easier computing experience. People have spent years saving their files to flash drives or emailing themselves the latest version of their documents and it's messy and ineffective. Our latest developments will enable home users to take that extra leap, from hoping you have the latest version, to knowing that you do."

"The product is very simple to install, very fast, responsive and is really easy to use," said beta tester Phil Coats. "I found that the 'Get Started Tutorials' were easy to understand. Logging also gets a big thumbs up."

Other new or improved features
in the product include:
New: Extended support large disks (2TB+)
Improved: Acronis Nonstop Backup  now compatible with NAS, plus better optimized network load
Improved: Enhanced NAS support
Improved: Enhanced GUI
Pricing and availability
Acronis True Image Home 2012 is available through select retailers and online. Recommended retail price is €49.95. The Acronis True Image Home 2012 Plus Pack add-on is availableonline and through retailers for €29.95. It enables users to restore the backed up image to dissimilar hardware, regardless of make, model or installed components.

Licensing is one perpetual license per machine. Each computer to be synchronized requires a license. Acronis True Image Online license covers up to 5 PCs."" -via

Acronis back up software is a great tool to keep your computer safe and secure. Using this software you can backup your entire computer to your Icy Dock hard drive enclosure. The new software adds some new features and improves on an awesome product. Let us know what software you use to back up your computer to your Icy Dock hard drive enclosure

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