Monday, August 08, 2011

ICY DOCK Summer 2011 Sponsored Contests

ICY DOCK has made this summer that much better by teaming up to have two amazing contests with some of our newest and hot selling products!
First up is the Icy Dock/Storage Review contest to find the user with the slowest and fastest hard drives! Each category will have prizes of a MB881U3-1SA & MB981U3-1SA and MB982SP-1S & MB882SP-1S-1B, with two winners for both competitions, respectively. Check out below for more information! This contest ends on August 12th, so hurry!

Second up is the Icy Dock/Hitechlegion contest that will go on until August 31st! They will be giving away one item per week, with different requirements and prize, so be sure to always check back for the best chance to win!

Have fun with each contest!

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