Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Icy News: Samsung's 6Gbps SSD gets a consumer label, October release date

“Many SSDs could easily blow away that legacy spinning drive in your notebook, but there's always room for a performance boost when it comes to tech. Announced last week, Samsung's 830-series SSD packs up to 512GB of storage, and full support for SATA's 6Gbps max throughput -- a 100 percent boost over Samsung's previous gen drive. There's only one problem with last week's version: it's only available to OEMs, leaving a DIY upgrade out of the question. Well, today Samsung announced consumer availability for the same drive, letting any Joe Bag O' PC Upgrades pick one up at retail come October. Drives will be available in 64, 128, 256, and 512GB capacities, with pricing details coming at the official launch this fall. Jump past the break for the full PR, should you care to read all about the drive's "precision engineered" brushed metal enclosure, with "deep black" highlights and a "stylish and chic exterior" -- exactly the features you should be looking for in an SSD.” 

SSDs are being improved on it seems like everyday. Samsung is no exception in the ever improving SSD world. With the improvement on SSDs it seems like they are always trying to make them look better. Samsung's new SSD has a dark brushed metal look. Let us know if it matters to you what your SSD looks like. 

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