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ICY News: History: Milestones in HDD Capacity

From 5MB in 1956 to 4TB today
 Capacity  More Than
 1956  IBM  350 Ramac     5MB     1MB
 1961  Bryant  4240    90MB    50MB
 1965  IBM  2302-3   100MB   100MB
 1974  IBM  3330-11 Iceberg   200MB   200MB
 1975  STC  8800 Super Disk   880MB   500MB
 1981  IBM  3380  1.26GB     1GB
 2001  Seagate  Barracuda 180   182GB   100GB
 2005  Hitachi GST  7K500   500GB   500GB
 2006  Seagate  Barracuda 7200.10   750GB   750GB
 2007  Hitachi GST  7K1000     1TB     1TB
 2008  Seagate  Barracuda 7200.11    1.5TB    1.5TB
 2009  WD  Caviar Green WD20EADS     2TB     2TB
 2010  Seagate  External GoFlex Desk     3TB     3TB
 2012  Hitachi GST  7K4000     4TB     4TB

 (Source: Disk/Trend and
Now everybody is at 4TB, Tohiba, Seagate, WD as well as its subsidiary HGST; The first 5TB and 6TB HDDs are expected next year in 3.5" form factor.

     First HDD Form Factor Introduction

Form factor  Year introduced Company
 39-inch  1961  Bryant Computer
 24-inch  1956  IBM
 14-inch  1963  IBM
 10.5-inch  1981  Fujitsu
 9.5-inch  1988  Hitachi
 8.8-inch  1984  Hitachi
 8.0-inch  1979  Shugart Associates
 6.5-inch  1993  Hitachi
 5.25-inch  1980  Seagate
 3.5-inch  1983  Rodime
 3.0-inch  1996  JTS
 2.5-inch  1988  PrairieTek
 1.8-inch  1991  Intégral Peripherals
 1.5-inch  1991  Ecol.2
 1.3-inch  1992  HP
 1.0-inch  1999  IBM
 0.85-inch  2004  Toshiba
  (Sources: Disk/Trend and

Hard drive industries are growing rapidly with more capacity and smaller form factor. Almost every user have high capacity HDD nowadays that its not a necessity to purchase multiple small capacity drives since it would be a waste of space for extra drive. To keep safe and secure with high capacity HDDs, getting an enclosure to protect the drives may be the best solution to prevent loss of any data.

Link to entire Article from StorageNewsletter: History: Milestones in HDD Capacity

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