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EZConvert Pro MB982IP-1S-1 review (Tested with Toshiba 12Gb/s SSD) - posted by

Icy Dock MB982IP-1S-1 Review - Tested with Toshiba 12Gb/s SSD

The migration to smaller 2.5" HDD's and SSD's has created a need for quality converters for enterprise applications. In many cases, extensive existing infrastructure would require a large investment to replace, and that is not always an option.

Utilizing SSDs in the server has become far more commonplace as complex caching and tiering systems are becoming more widespread. Placing SSDs on the other end of a networking connection in NAS and SAN environments is not always the best option. The key to getting the most performance out of flash solutions is to keep the SSD's as close to the processor as possible, maximizing performance, and keeping latency as low as possible.

The same approach with more energy efficient 2.5" HDD's also necessitates the use of drive bay converters to continue the use of existing servers.

In order to deliver a solution that allows the easy placement of the SSDs into the server requires a product that does not hamper the performance of the underlying storage. Many of the available drive-bay converters on the market can hamper the performance of the HDD or SSD, defeating the purpose of keeping the flash in the server in the first place.

The Icy Dock MB982IP-1S-1 is designed to provide that easy conversion from a 2.5" to a 3.5" drive with absolutely no impact to the performance of the underlying storage solution..........Read More

EZConvert Pro MB982IP-1S-1:

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