Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Icy News: iPad to Dominate Sales of NAND Flash in Tablets

"With its leading market share position and high memory usage, Apple Inc.'s iPad is set to continue to dominate worldwide demand for NAND flash in media tablets at least through the year 2015, according to the IHS iSuppli Memory & Storage Service from information and analytics provider IHS Inc. Apple's iPad in 2011 accounted for a commanding 78% of global gigabyte shipments of NAND flash for use in media tablets, down from 92% in 2010, when it had the market all to itself for most of the year. Despite the inroads of competitors this year, Apple will continue to dominate tablet NAND purchasing in 2012, with a 72% share of gigabyte shipments. By 2015, Apple will continue to account for a majority of tablet NAND purchasing, at 58%..." - via Storagenewsletter 

With the mobile market and namely tablets taking up NAND resources, could there be a fight for memory with SSD's in the future? Although this article does not touch upon it, we believe it may have an impact on future prices of SSD and any device that uses such memory (which more than likely, most embedded systems and computers). This may change alongside the trend of increasing use of tablets and smartphones, but let us know what you think! Will this have an effect on the flash market? Or will devices that uses this type of memory will become more efficient? 

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