Thursday, March 22, 2012

Icy News: Big Gaps in Small Businesses' Backup Plans

"A recent study from Carbonite, Inc.Small Business Data Backup Usage Study, July 2011, revealed surprising responses from small business owners on how they prepare for a disaster. The findings address a number of topics, from small businesses' approach to backing up data to their confidence in their strategy for protecting against information loss..." - via Storagenewsletter

The point of the study is to show the how data is being backed up in small businesses today. Take the information with a grain of salt as not every business operates in the fashion described. The main point is when and how the backups are performed. They add to that by saying, if it isn't done on a regular basis, there will be lapses of data and may be an issue down the road. So one solution would be to automate the process, but then where can the owners find a solution with larger space and automated backups? They offer their online cloud services at a cost. However, we think it may be better spent in finding a RAID enclosure such as our MB662USEB-2S-1. Using a RAID 1 setup, you will be able to mirror your data easily at a one time cost. To automate the process, find a backup software of your choice, and customize what folder, file and date to backup to the Icy Dock. This makes it very simple to do and cost effective.

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