Monday, February 06, 2012

Icy News: OCZ Nearly Doubling Random Write IO/s

"For Octane SATA 3.0 SSDs
OCZ Technology Group, Inc. announced the release of enhanced IOPS firmware (v1.13) for the Octane SATA 3.0 Series SSDs. 

The random write performance has been improved, in some capacities over double that of the previous specifications, for users looking to push their SSD performance.

For all Octane SATA 6Gb/s models, the improved IOPS made possible by this new firmware allow for greater transactional performance, especially during small file and random access speeds in everyday computing applications. 

When compared to the previous revision, random write IOPS performance doubles across nearly all capacities when tested in Iometer 2008:

Model/Old Random Write 4K IOPS (FW v1.12)/
New Random Write 4K IOPS (FW v1.13)
  • Octane 128GB/7,700/18,000
  • Octane 256GB/12,000/25,000
  • Octane 512GB/16,000/26,000
The enhanced IOPS firmware will begin shipping in the next batch of drives to resellers, and the upgrade file will be made available to existing customers via the company's website." -via Storagenewsletter

The doubling in IOPS is not very surprising now (however, still very impressive), with the way the SSD market has been growing. What we would like to see is the capacity be researched to be increased in a cheap way. If you have the means to spend money on buying multiple SSD's to use as storage drives, then it's not a problem. But, the rest of the consumer world is waiting until this happens as it may be difficult to move SSD's because of the price.

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