Friday, February 24, 2012

Icy News: HGST With First 7,200rpm, 7mm, One-Disk, 2.5-Inch HDD, at 500GB

"6Gb SATA interface and 32MB cache
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has shipped more than 25 million Travelstar Z-series, 7mm z-height, 2.5-inch HDD, for thin and light portable computers, ultra-compact CE devices and industrial systems. 

The company is now shipping its new 500GB, Travelstar Z7K500 drive - the industry's fastest and highest capacity, one-disk, 7,200 RPM HDD. All Hitachi GST Z-series drives can serve as a direct replacement for standard, 2.5-inch 9.5mm hard drives. They feature common connectors and mounting points for simple integration into existing systems, and enable design flexibility to differentiate and meet market demands for new thinner, lighter and more robust devices..."
- via Storagenewsletter

Hitachi is pushing the envelope with the currently fastest and highest capacity 7200RPM HDD. It is quite thin as well, the height at 7mm. The more interesting part is how this is used with the new ultrabooks that were shown off at this year's CES. By combining an HDD with SSD cache, allowing for faster I/O access times. This sort of design does have it's compromises which is the price. Producing and adding a fast cache memory for your HDD costs much more than just using a slower hard drive alone. With that in mind, the price for ultrabooks and memory such as this will cost more than your more bigger laptops. Will this type of design be worth a purchase? Let us know!

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