Thursday, December 15, 2011

Icy News: OCZ Petrol SATA 6Gb SSDs Closer to HDD Prices

"512GB unit $1.27/GB
OCZ Technology Group, Inc. launched the Indilinx Everest-based Petrol SSD Series.


It enables further adoption of MLC SSDs in cost-sensitive applications, while taking advantage of performance and feature set of the Indilinx Everest platform.

"Until today, SSD adoption has been limited to high performance applications due to the high cost of SSDs in relation to slower rotating discs, and we are proud to once again close the gap in pricing without sacrificing durability," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology. "The new Petrol Series showcases the flexibility of the Indilinx Everest platform and NDurance Technology, allowing OCZ to deliver the benefits of SSDs to a wide new set of applications while retaining the superior real world performance and reduced latency that separate Everest-based SSDs from our competitors."

The OCZ Petrol Series delivers bandwidth up to 400MB/s and 35,000 IOPS, and is optimized for the complete spectrum of file types and sizes. Additionally, features to Indilinx, such as proprietary page mapping algorithms, allow for steady mixed-workload performance, and latency reduction technology enables access times as low as 0.06ms. Petrol ensures the most consistent and reliable performance as well as minimized performance degradation even after the drive's storage capacity is highly utilized.

The OCZ Petrol SSD Series will be available in models ranging from 64GB to 512GB capacities throughout OCZ's global channel in the coming weeks.

Prices: $90 (64GB), $150 (128GB), $339 (256GB) and $650 (512GB)." - via

OCZ has always been a leader in SSDs due to their high performance SSDs. Now they have made a low cost SSD that is perfect for anyone wanting to get the benefits of SSDs without breaking the bank. The new SSD does not sacrifices performance to keep the cost down, with 400MB/s it is plenty fast. Let us know what you think about OCZ's new SSD.

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