Monday, December 12, 2011

Icy News: 4TB Internal HDD From Hitachi GST Available in Japan

"On the web site of Akiba PC Hotline, it is written that a 4TB internal desktop HDD of 4TB from Hitachi is available on some stores in Japan, for ¥26,800. Assembled in China with components from Thailand, this SATA III Deskstar unit with 32MB of cache has not been officially released by Hitachi GST." -via Storagenewsletter

The price of a 4TB is up there in price, for something that is new technology. The 26,800 Yen or approximately $344 US dollar will take quite a bit of convincing to purchase. There are some useful advantages to having more capacity, while taking up less physical space. Does the advantages outweigh the costs? Let us know!

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