Thursday, May 24, 2007

NEW ICYDOCK MB559 Series Mirror Black

Icydock proudly announces the new black in Mirror finish. That's right! The MB559 series not only comes in black but also in a mirror black glossy finish. Even better news they are in stock and ready to ship. Get yours today!
There are three models to fit your need:


  1. Alright Gentlemen, I just purchased the 4 Bay MB561S-4S and a Single bay MB559 with an extra hot swap tray. I hope this unit works with my 17" MBP along with the Express 34 dual esata adapter. The plan is to run 4 -750Gb drives together but we'll have to see. Anyway, please create a MB559 series with esata, fw 800 and usb 2.0 on it. If so i'll be first in line. Also, one last question: will I only be able to utilize two drives at a time with the MB561S-4S due to the maximum dual esata express 34 adapter or is the MB561S-4S enclosure daisy chainable thusly allowing for use of all 4 drives?

  2. I have a couple MB559, and I love your products. I think you are currently using the chipsets that
    down allow spin-down from the host.

    Any plans to release units that
    support spin-down from the host pc?


  3. I have also wondered about spindown. I'd like to be able to leave my MB559 on all the time and not have to worry about it spinning all the time when not needed. Let windows control it just as it does my other external drives (and other internal drives as well). Is this possible Icydock?

    Thanks for a great product! Sean