Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Enclosure that is compatible with Mac pro internal mounting system?

ICYDOCK has recently been thinking intensively about new products for the Mac user. As many of you are aware Apple Computer has jumped on the Intel Duo Core. But this is only the most advertised of their improvements. They have also greatly improved hard drive capacity on all its product offerings. Specifically with the former “G5” models now named Mac Pros. These desktops have an internal compartment that contains enough space for 4 hard drives that allows for “…Hard drive storage up to 3TB.” What do you the Mac user think about a specially designed “enclosure” that is compatible with G5 internal mounting system? How does this “Mac compatible” enclosure sound to you? Is it something that you might be interested in? Let us know your thoughts and opinions?


  1. To what end? Would you still have to open the case to swap drives, or would this come with an open side panel?

  2. yes yes yes

    How will it be different better than existing internal mounting solutions? I assume hot swap

  3. Yes, Please. if you can find a way to build a compatible enclosure, or even sell the trays for the mac pro, I would greatly appreciate it. Just, when you do give the enclosure more than one light. (connection, spin, read/rite) and make them a little dimmer than on your current enclosures.

  4. Hi,
    sure would be a very nice piece of hardware, but first you should have to resolve the problems that many mac pro users are experiencing with the 559!!! I bought 4 of them (2 for me and 2 for a friend), after connecting one alone all is ok, but when we connected two in chain they don't work anymore! (even alone!!!). I was requesting an rma but since seemed strange to me that 4 drives failed in the same time i looked around and found that on the newegg product page someone said was a firmware problem, but official support doesn't reply to my emails!!!!!! Please help me! Apparently we only need a reflashing official tool!!!! Thanks,

  5. Sorry, my email is dia3olikNO@SPAMgmail.com (without NO and SPAM)...i forgot it!

  6. 3ware sells a pricey external RAID enclosure that requires an internal PCI card. I'd love an enclosure that supports raid levels (1, 5 and 10 etc) but plugs into the firewire 800 port. It would probably provide less performance but would be cheaper - great for data archives etc.

  7. I would be VERY interested. Even if it was just the tray.
    In the photo world, we use consistently us the Mac Pro on set to handle 100s of GBs of photos. Downloading those photos to Archiving RAID can produce a lot of down time on a machine that should be working elsewhere.
    I've been DREAMING about simply being able to pull an internal tray, and just plugging that straight into an array.
    It'd also be a great way to have a backup OS ready to go.