Thursday, April 28, 2016

ICY Concept: Optimize the Capability of a FDD / ODD Bay for Maximum Usability with the MB411SPO-B Hot Swappable 2.5” SAS / SATA Mobile Rack for FDD / ODD Bays

Dealing with physical dimension constrains is a key factor when designing a customized build such as portable, SFF( small form factor) desktop workstation, mobile DVR surveillance system, POS system, embedded system and in-flight entertainment system. Each computer component has to be minimized physically but must retain its functionally and purpose, such as the CPU for data processing, ram for temporary data retention and hard drives or SSDs for storage of critical data. However, accessibility of these components does not have to be compromised as well. For example, with the ICY DOCK ultra slim hot swappable SATA SSD / HDD mobile rack, MB411SPO-B, IT professional can easily install one of these units in a FDD or ODD slot of the SFF system yet retain a hard drive's hot swap capability. Users can easily swap out the drives from the front panel for backup, replacement, or simply accessing a different set of data. It is especially useful when installed in a rugged system because the MB411SPO-B is built with a full metal construction and can easily become complied with flammability requirement; it can be deployed in some of the toughest environments and keeps your critical data safe.

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