Monday, August 04, 2014

ICY News: The Best SSDs - The Wirecutters

Still looking for SSDs to upgrade your current system, you should check out this article for recommendations. 

"If I bought a solid-state drive (SSD) today, I'd get the 512GB Crucial MX100 for about $220. It's not the fastest SSD you can get, but it's close. More importantly, it has the best combination of price, performance, and capacity. Additionally, Crucial makes its own NAND flash memory and its SSDs have a history of reliability. It's about $30 cheaper than the 500GB Samsung 840 EVO and has the best price per gigabyte of all those we looked at, so it's the best choice for most people who are upgrading a laptop or desktop today....Read more:
 The Wirecutter: The Best SSDs

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