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MB996SP-6SB & MB992SK-B ToughArmor review - posted by

MB996SP-6SB & MB992SK-B: Monster storage, tiny bays

The MB996SP-6SB fits in a 5.25” bay. These are much more prevalent in modern gaming cases and I can’t think of another device that would allow you more drives in the same space. 2.5” are not legendary for their storage capacity, with only a handful over 1.5TB per drive. Still, this accessory provides what is likely the most convenient RAID 10 enclosure available for 2.5” drives. In the back of the unit is a single 40mm. The fan seems like a bit of an afterthought in how it juts from the rear of the unit. Luckily, the unit also has a switch that to disable the fan entirely. I am also a little perplexed by IcyDock’s use of regular Molex connectors for power. My guess is that, because of space limitations, they needed the connectors to mount vertically and 4-pin Molex were more convenient than regular SATA power. However, if you need to use their included adapters that can just add more clutter to your case.


The MB992SK-B fits in the smaller 3.5” form-factor. If you have a case with an oft-named “Floppy slot”, then this would make the MB992 a solid companion to the MB996 because they share the same trays. It’s really a no-frills device that fits the need of a compact RAID1/RAID0 device. It also has a nice lock and key so you can enforce a little more security of the drives. Unlike the MB991SK, there is no dust cover (something I really thought was neat about the MB991) but you have twice as many drives in the same location. The rear is fitted with two SATA data ports, but the unit only requires a single SATA power connector..........Read More

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