Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MB973SP-2B FlexCage review - posted by servethehome.com

The Icy Dock MB973SP-2B is a hot swap tray-less backplane that adds a great feature for workstations, USB 3.0. Hot swap SATA backplanes such as the Icy Dock MB973SP-2B are very common to make swapping hard drives in and out easy on a user. They are especially easy for tasks such as swapping drives in to image, backup drives and etc. Most of these devices require one to secure drives into a drive tray (or caddy / sled) prior to inserting a drive in the enclosure. Tray-less designs like that of the Icy Dock MB973SP-2B allow users to simply insert a bare hard drive. Overall swap times take a minute or two less. Let’s take a look at what the Icy Dock MB973SP-2B offers................read the full review

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