Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Icy News: New Name Discovered in SSDs: CA-Based Centon Electronics

"While SSD has become a standard specification for enthusiast PC gamers owing to its features including read/write performance and shock resistance that can break through the performance bottleneck of PC systems, the introduction of SATA III SSDs further highlights the advantage of SSD's read/write performance. 

Twice as fast as the SATA II, Centon's new line of SATA III will take advantage of the bandwidth and provide fast data transfer rates that reach as high as 400 MB/s read speed and 300 MB/s write speed." -via Storagenewsletter

There's a new brand in town of the already many SSD products. The specifications seem to be okay, we will have to see how the pricing from Centon fairs against other brands specifically priced to meet end users and perform similarly. If this is a brand you recognize, let us know your thoughts!

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