Monday, January 16, 2012

Icy News: Blu-Ray Discs Break $2 Billion Barrier in USA 2011 in

"Drives now at nearly 40 million homes, according to DEG
According to The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), Hollywood's home entertainment recovery continued in 2011 as consumers bolstered their home viewing experience with HDTVs, Blu-ray players and discs, as well as the expanding offerings through electronic sell-through (EST) and video on demand (VOD) services. 

Sales of Blu-ray movies rose 20 percent over 2010.

Total consumer spending on home filmed entertainment for the second half of the year rose nearly one percent, fueled by a strong third quarter in which spending was up five percent, which marked the first quarterly increase since 2008. while overall spending for the category was slightly down two percent for the year, the industry's performance clearly stabilized in 2011.

The recovery continues to be driven by high margin products that are gaining a foothold among consumers, a further indication that the home entertainment market is rebounding and in a healthy state. Among the various services and platforms delivering filmed entertainment, these higher margin businesses - Blu-ray disc, EST and VOD - showed the strongest growth rates. " - via Storagenewsletter

In a world where digital content is dominant, it is good to see that the older technology (DVD, Blu-Rays) are still selling well. Now that the prices for a Blu-Ray player have gone down, the ability for the average consumer to purchase the higher quality video is easier to spend on. However, digital content is still the where most people get their entertainment from and most likely will not change over the next decade. Let us know what your thoughts are!

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