Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Product Video and CES 2010 Highlights!

Here is a brand new product video for our recently released MB990SP-B Dual 2.5" SSD Converter Bracket!

* Fits standard 2.5” SATA / IDE SSD and HDD (9.5mm)
* Lightweight constructions
* For use in 3.5” internal drive bay
* Compatible with screw-less type HDD tray
* Genuine Plug & Play functionality
* Unique tool-less design for hassle free device and hard drive installation
* Ideally designed for anti-vibration and heat dissipation
* EZ Fit pins removable for use mounting screw or proprietary tray use

Product Page: http://www.icydock.com/product/mb990sp-b.html

We have put together a highlight page from our CES 2010 Booth, featuring pictures and interviews from a few brave attendees that gave us a minute or two of their time! Thanks again to everyone who stopped by!


Team Icy Dock

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