Monday, October 23, 2006

New ICY DOCK MB556AH-T6 HDD Duplicater

ICY DOCK has launched a new MB556AH-T6 IDE Hard Drive Duplicator.

It contains the following:
- One Tower IDE Hard Drive system
- ICY DOCK 1 to 6 target IDE HDD controller card
- All Removable screw-less IDE HDD trays.

What do you think about this new IDE HDD Duplication system by ICY DOCK?


  1. I think this'll be a boon to shops that do multiple PC builds for things like schools and corporations.

    I've used a similar product and it sure beats Ghosting drives with a PC.

  2. no more IDE please, concentrate on sas/sata, but yesh, God we all need a hard disk NAS tower because of high-definition files and future media server for home and work.