Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Purchase an extra tray from ICY DOCK that which included protection case for MB559, MB561, MB453, MB454, MB455

Since ICY DOCK is specialize in Internal and External IDE/eSATA/Hot Swap Removal Hard Drive enclosure. I had an idea and I was wondering if ICY DOCK should included a protection tray cover that fit into our MB559 and MB561 ( in White tray), also our other multi-bay such as MB453, 454, 455 (in blue tray) (Please view picture)

This idea came out because I had lots of HDD around my working bench and I have no protection cover on extra trays for my enclosure such as MB453, 454, 455 and MB559/561.

Maybe there is a need for protection cover for all trays for MB559, MB561 and MB453, 454, 455. I wonder what does general consumer thinks about this idea, when purchase an extra tray from ICY DOCK that which included protection cover and what will be the good price point for it. (MSRP 24.99 USD or MSRP 29.99 USD)


  1. A big yes on the protection cover for all trays. I personally would not buy one that didn't have it.

  2. So an extra tray will cost about $25-30 dollars? That is not bad since the MB559 is about $54.95, but I think the extra protection feature should come stock. Its a pretty cool idea actually.

  3. Having quite a lot of loose HDs I would buy a protection cover too. 25 $/€ are a bit steep but just ok.

  4. I think you should offer additional trays WITH a protective cover for $25.

    I am in the market for a swappable drive enclosure, but without the option of buying extra trays (I would like to be able to swap several drives in and out, not just replace faulty drives) it is of limited usefullness.

    Adding a protective cover option for the additional trays would be VERY cool.

  5. A cover is a a great plus, almost a necessity. $25 for a tray, though? That's almost half of what some of the entire enclosures go for! I probably wouldn't want to pay that much just for a tray.
    Now, if say an enclosure came with an extra tray and cover with an extra 20 bucks added on, I could probably see that.
    But for $25, I'd just assume pay another 25 and get another enclosure and have two!

  6. I'm in the market for a MBB-455 (5 slot) and I was thinking about buying additional 5 brackets until I realized that I can get another 455 backplane (with 5 brackets) for the same money. At that point I'm planning to buy two 455 right away - one to use and the second one to be used as protective case ...

  7. I am thinking about installing Icy Dock, but didn't realize that one couldn't get extra trays that fully cover the drive. I've had Kingwin external USB unit, and there are actually different types of trays you can get, without a fan, with one or two fans, etc. The hard drive is always fully covered. I use them as a kind of removable cartridges. I just got a new computer and left one bay empty just to install this type of mechanism (this time SATA). It is really too bad that Icy Dock doesn't have what I need.

  8. Yes, please make a cover for the trays.

    These type of removable trays that leave the HD exposed have always scared me.

    Also, another big wish of mine, is to have a nice way to label the drives on the face, so when mounted/unmounted on the computer you can tell which one out of the stack to pull, and also to identify the drive when sitting on the shelf.

    Many trays have big levers, LCD's and cooling vents covering the entire face of the drive tray, leaving no room for a label.


  9. It's out, but...
    No cover,
    and at $25 waaay too expensive. No thanks. Either include a cover or lower the price. Whoever said it is more worth it to buy a whole new enclosure for twice the money is right on the money (no pun intended).

  10. Yep - a must. In fact I would suggest two types - one very simple (and cheap) one for storage, protecting from dust etc and another that is stronger, padded and with a lock. I (and I'm sure others) use one HDD as a backup and take it to work or another location. The advantage with this system over a dedicated external drive is that if the drive is lost or stolen, it's not as expensive to replace. On the other hand it's not as secure as externals that have USB keys, fingerprint readers etc. Having the drive in a locked cover would provide (at least some) protection.

  11. Yes, the lack of a protective cover is the only flaw with the current design.

    Are you still considering this idea?

  12. How about a carry box for a set of 4 trays - I think the tray protector is a must but should come with the initial enclosure or additional HD tray.

  13. It's a good idea ! I have one question : The extra trays for the MB455 is the same for the MB559 series please ?

  14. Has anyone found a bracket to get a 2.5" SSD drive in the MB454? At the moment I just have the drive plugged into the sata connection in the bay. Its not attached to the drive sleeve because I can't find a plate that I can fix it in. I am tempted to get a pair of the 2.5" brackets (like those in the link below), glue them together and then attach the SSD from one side only. Surely ICYBOX are missing a trick with this. I thought most people would have a mix of 2.5 and 3.5 drives that they might want in a bay like these. I've seen the other product they do that holds 4 2.5" SSD but nothing to hold both 2.5 and 3.5 in the same case.


  15. Hello There,
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